The table “Onda” revisits and enhances the multilaminar wood, one of the products of Tabu S.p.A, world leader in dyeing wood.
The proposed solution, highlights the versatile aesthetic features of the product that changes its figuration following the diversity of the cutting and shaping of the piece.
The constructive linearity of the table is joined by an elegant sinuosity and wavy side panels. This effect is obtained simply by alternating convex and concave curves on the surface of its sides and legs.
The figuration obtained, geometrically called “conics”, gives life and movement to the simple line of the table (a rectangular prism), and it transfigures giving a whole new feeling.
Deserving of a special mention is the finish of the upper top, the multi-layered sliced wood, specially created by Antonio Tagliabue, master of the wood dyeing process, brilliant, tenacious and obstinate innovator in his research in more and more fields, to which the table and the designer give due credit and pay tribute.
The table “Onda” can be dismantled and shipped with packaging of 200cm x 100cm x 15 cm in size.

Marco Colombo Design

Born in Cantù in 1969, he began his professional training at the historic Istituto d’Arte (Art Institute) in the town, followed by his university studies at the Politecnico of Milan. He graduated in Architecture in 1995 with the specialisation in Architecture Design under the supervision of Professor Matilde Baffa, Head of the prestigious department of the university.
From his early years, following local tradition, he learns the secrets of carpentry work in the workshop of his father’s firm, developing his own individuality in an experimentally creative way, resulting in visionary projects of architecture and design.
After his Degree, he starts to collaborate with various furniture makers, both in the field of the product as well as construction.
Between 2000 and 2002 he moved abroad working as ‘Architect Site Manager’ in the recently formed Republic of Kazakhstan in private building construction.
As a result of the collaboration with Tabu S.p.A, with the dual partnership of both his father and Artisan Maestro Gianni Leoni, of the famous furniture company Zanfrini, he designs and creates the table “Onda” (means wave) displayed at the Salone del Mobile (International Furniture Fair) and he was rewarded with special mention by the jury at the 1997 edition of the prize YOUNG & DESIGN.
Since 2003 starts working as a craftsman after taking over his father’s company INTERLEGNO snc and continuing the family tradition now in its third generation of furniture makers.