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WOOD IN BIO is a new artisan carpentry company, firmly resolved to expand.
Its ultimate goal is the creation of high-quality custom furniture.

WOOD IN BIO proposes itself as “maker” to develop your projects.

The main aim, moving the company forward, is to offer its customers complete satisfaction whilst giving them the opportunity to have specialist advice to meet their needs and always be kept informed of the development of the project every step of the way from conception through installation including post sale care. This ensures, for the customer, total control throughout the project and guarantees the delivery of an high-standard end product and service, result of 25 years of experience and continuous research of excellence, which is typical of the high-standard manufacturing and craftsmanship you would expect from my home town which is at the heart of the most important furniture production districts and the ‘Made in Italy’ design.

The workshop from which WOOD IN BIO operates combines traditional craftsmanship equipment as well as the latest CNC machines.
The company can also provide specialist advice from a technical office managed by an architect.
In addition to this we are part of a network of professional high skilled tradesmen which gives our the capability to oversee all work involved to ensure a complete finished product.
Our corporate structure allows we to be able to be competitive also in the handling of small orders.

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The contrast between the white lacquered “X” shaped structure and the natural Elm finished shelves and uprights gives much elegance to a product characterised by the formal design.


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